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H&M: The chemical requirements must be followed

14 december, 2022

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H&M has chosen to respond to the criticism in writing. They demand that their suppliers do not purchase viscose that has been produced in a harmful way.

Dagens Arbete has asked H&M about the hazardous work environment, the factory’s impact on residents in the neighboring area, and about the toxic carbon disulfide.

”It’s correct that Aditya Birla manufactures fibers/fabrics that in turn are used by suppliers that we cooperate with.  

Together with 11 other brands, the H&M-group initiated an independent investigation at the end of 2021. It inspected Aditya Birla’s factory in Nagda with a focus on social and environmental impact.

The result of the investigation, which was shared with our supplier, resulted in a plan of action which included measures of improvement. Our local team in India, along with the other 11 brands, will follow up on these measures.

We require that our suppliers purchase viscose from producers that comply with the chemical requirements for carbon disulfide and other chemicals being used in the processing of viscose.

Regarding its traceability, this is still a challenge for the entire viscose industry. However, we trace our viscose manually. In addition, we are working together with others to identify a more reliable system for traceability”.  

Read the Swedish version of this article here:

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